Photography by hmurimi

Culinary art is my passion first and profession second. I have always been fascinated by the art of cooking from a young age and have come to believe how powerful food is, by bringing people of all walks of life together. I have been privileged throughout my career growth as I attended the best culinary school and had my fair share of five star hotels experience as I have worked in a couple of major hotels in Kenya and abroad and hence acquired local and international experience. I have traveled in different continents and worked with the best celebrity chefs in the world.

I offer culinary consultation to upcoming or existing establishments in menu writing,costing,recruiting,setting up Standard Operating Procedure and assist in maintaining the set standards on a regular basis.For existing establishments,i revamp the standards by training the staff to upgrade on the general operations,advice on the right equipment’s,manpower and how to cut down on general food cost.

My main objective is to provide modern gourmet dining experiences that will exceed our clientele expectations. My style of cooking is International cuisine as this gives more room to infuse some of our local cuisines with the different food cultures to create a new dining experience of Afro fusion.

I have also done cooking show segments with our major local TV stations like QTV, NTV, Ebru Africa, K24 Alfajiri and Citizen TV.

Join me in my culinary adventure as I explore the new gastronomy of infusing our local cuisine to gourmet cuisine and shed a light on the uninformed narrative on Africa through recipes and food stories showcasing the uniqueness of Africa’s rich cuisine..