This is one of the most interesting posts i ever wrote,simple yet it raises a lot of uncertainty on how to distinguish between crepes and pancakes.The main difference is that pancake batter has a raising agent in it such as baking powder or baking soda, whereas crepe batter does not. This means that pancakes are thicker and fluffy whilst crepes are thin and flat.




250 grams flour
2 whole eggs
50 grams Sugar
Lemon zest/vanilla essence
10 grams baking powder
25 grams Melted butter
70 ml milk
20 grams Icing sugar


1.Place the flour, sugar,eggs,baking powder, pinch of salt in a mixing bowl. Break the two eggs in the mixture and add the milk as your whisking to get a thin smooth mixture in consistency.
2.Get one green lemon and on the fine side of the greater, remove the top green rind using the greater or you can use a tea spoon of vanilla essence of preferred.
3.Add the lemon peels in the mixture and the melted butter.
4.Heat a non-stick pan and start cooking the pancakes on medium heat and giving the time to proof and cook properly inside,it usually doubles in size.

Strawberry frost


50 grams Fresh strawberries
100 ml whipping cream


1.In a mixing bowl using a whisk,whip the cream until it stiffens,most of the cream comes when they are sweetened hence no need to add sugar.
2.wash  and remove the leaves of the strawberries and chop them roughly then add them in the whipped cream and mix to incorporate the berries with the cream.


1.In a clean dry plate. Put one pancake as the base and layer with the strawberry.
2.Use strawberries as  garnish and dredge icing sugar on top.

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