Herbs and Spices

Herbs are the leaves of certain plants that usually grow in temperate climates.

Spices are the buds, fruits, flowers, bark, seeds and roots of plants and trees, many
Of which grow in tropical climates.

NB: The distinction is often confusing, but it is not as important to know which flavorings
are spices and which are herbs as it is to use them skilfully.
Guidelines for Using Herbs and Spices

Africa as a continent is a herb of rich spice’s and herbs in regards to aroma and flavor

1.Mostly used in culinary arts and cooking of classical dishes
2.Also used in pastries like flavoring of cookies, bread, cakes and desserts
3.Used as for their medicinal value in the human body
4.Some act as aphrodisiacs
5.Some can improve brain function and acts as memory booster.


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