Our country is privileged and blessed with a wide range of fresh from produce that cut across the whole nation.For you to achieve and make good,tasty and well presented food.The whole process starts from your raw ingredients and the choice of what you will use.This simply means,for you to have a nice fresh salad,you need fresh vegetables and for you to have a nicely done and tasty tender steak,you need to get prime cuts and also the type,age and breed of the animal deeply determines the final product that you will present on the plate.With all the different regions we have,each and every region is unique and rich in it’s own way,in terms culture,food and diversity.With all this brought together,our Kenyan cuisine will be diverse and unique in it’s own way!


I got a chance to visit a small farm in Naivasha which hard quit a variety of fruits and vegetables.Blue berries and rare and expensive exotic fruits which are a delicacy in making classic desserts and sauces.I had a chance to learn how they are grown and made a nice raspberry coulis for my pancakes.


Fresh red and green chilies which are hot and spicy were also grown on the farm and i lerant a few tricks and tips of to look after the plant and harvest them on the right period of time.


Ugali(sima) is a staple food to us.It’s like polenta but the only difference is for polenta we use ground yellow corn flour and for ugali we use ground white maize flour.The consistency of ugali is slightly harder than polenta which tends to be creamy.Our western Africa brother call it fufu and they use cassava meal flour to cook it while malawi call it nsima and they use white maize flour but the consistency is slightly softer than ugali.


Fresh tomatoes stems have to be supported by brunches to make them grow upwards.This prevents thm from rotting on the ground and also protect them from pests and insects that might feed on them.

The Naivasha farm tour was on of the most interesting and knowledgeable part of everything.So when you want to make amazing meals at home,now you know it all starts with the choice of ingredients that you will use.Next time you are shopping for vegetables or meat products,choose the right and fresh produce you can find!

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