Hello guys!Due to the high demand,i will be sharing with you a simple and easy way of how you can prepare home made pizza at the comfort of your own home using readily available raw materials from the beginning.With the ingredients i have.this is the final product.Try this out and share your link below!


Onions (Sliced)
Green pepper ( sliced)
Red pepper ( sliced)
Yellow pepper C sliced or cubes)
Half cooked Chicken (cubes )
Mozzarella cheese
Tomato concasse
Pizza dough



1.Knead the pizza dough by mixing the ratios of the ingredients of flour, yeast, salt, some cooking/olive oil. If you have rosemary herbs you can chop and in the pizza dough.
2. After thorough kneading to a soft texture that does not stick on the working surface store it in an air tight polythene bag preferably a freezer bag and leave it to rest either outside or in the fridge for an hour.
3.Great the mozzarella cheese and keep it in a bowl
4.Stew 2 to 3 large red tomatoes that are ripe, but first remove the eye of the tomatoes, slightly cut the end making a cross then deep them in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes. remove, cool and remove the skin then chop them finely
5.Sauté some chopped garlic and onions then add the chopped tomatoes, cook for like 5 minutes then add a full eating spoon of tomato paste
6.Pour in a glass of water then add a bay leaf, oregano and season to taste, stew the tomatoes until they reduce to a thick sauce
7.Cut the chicken breast to cubes, then season with soy sauce, black pepper, white pepper and some salt but it is optional as the soy sauce is salty
8.Seal the marinated chicken on a hot sizzling pan with a little oil to avoid the chicken from sticking on the pan then remove when half cooked
9.Heat the oven to 180-200degrees,cut the dough in to small reasonable portions an roll it a o round shape
10.Dust the pizza pan with little flour then place the rolled doughy on the surface. Spread the tomato stew on the dough not outside the rim of the pizza doughy to avoid from sticking when its cook
11.Put sparingly the assorted peppers and onions that are sliced. Add also the pre-cooked chicken cubes then add sparingly the grated mozzarella cheese
12.You can add some dried oregano on top if you have then put it in the hot oven for 8 to 10 minutes for the cheese to gratinate and turn I to a golden brown color, and you pizza is ready to be served!

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