The Kenyan Chefs Table held at Tribe Hotel by Dieuveil Malonga is a unique forum for chefs to showcase their great work and interact with clients by getting direct feedback and compliments.

I was priviledged to work with Dieuveil in producing his 5 course menu which was mind blowing and i got to learn a thing or two.The menu was full of creativity and passion that got our local
fresh ingredients infused in the dishes to promote our rich diverse cuisine.


The starter was Homeland Ghanaian Fonio, Avocado salad, Moringa Puree, Cameroonian Suya Shrimps,Mango gel and Basil and Soweto Tomato cream


The 2nd course was a rich flovored Nigerian Pepper soup with (Market Fish), Uziza spices and South Nigerian,Chili Pepper and Vegetable

Main Course

The main course had Soweto Grill.South African Flavors Grilled Lamb, Congolaise Manioc Leaves Sauce,Sweet Potato puree with Ginger and Wild Mushrooms
Moroccan Couscous in Fusion Veggie,Moroccan Couscous, Congolaise Manioc Leaves Sauce,Sweet Potato puree with Ginger and Wild Mushrooms,Senegalese Mafé Sauce
Mixed Vegetables from Market and Black Jollof Rice
Mafé on Air veggie,Papaya puree,Senegalese Mafé Sauce Mixed market vegetables and Black Jollof Rice


For the dessert,hibiscus Espuma, Mandarin Sorbet Ginger Crumble and Passion fruit Gel stole the show for the night.


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