This is one of the most easy recipes to try out whenever there is a beer in the house!Most of the ungredients are usually the basic ones we use at iour houses.This batter is an amazing and tasty deep especially for fish or seafood and vegetables.



Beer batter

100 grams Flour
1 piece Egg
Chopped garlic (finely)
Palt and pepper
100ml beer
1/2 tea spoon Tumeric powder (optional)
1 medium Onion (rings)


1.In a small mixing bowl add flour, egg, chopped garlic, tumric powder, salt and black pepper.
2.Stir in the 100ml of beer (you can add more beer to attain the right consistency).
3.Deep the onion rings in the batter then deep fry in hot oil till; they turn crispy and golden brown.


Try out this simple yet amazing recipe and enjoy the final product!

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