Avocados are readily available and has a high nutritional value in terms of natural fatty acids,fibers and lowers cholesterol.We will be learning how to make a simple avocado and probably left over beef salad with easily available ingredients.We will m factor all the nutritive values by in-cooperating fruits,proteins and fibers.Here is Step to step of how to achieve this amazing simple salad.

Beef and avocado salad


Grilled beef steak(medium)
1 whole Avocado
Hard lettuce
Olive oil
1 lemon
Black (crashed)


1.Cut the grilled beef in to even cube and put it in a mixing bowl, peel the avocado and cut slightly large cubes, cut the strawberries in to half and add in the mixing bowl with the cheddar cheese, sliced cucumber and the picked hard lettuce
2.Drizzle some olive oil in the salad mixture and squeeze in the lemon juice. Add the salt and crashed black pepper then mix everything up to taste
3.Plate the salad on a clean dry plate and serve the salad


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