Vegetarean Omelette

Want to try eating your eggs in a different why,try out this simple recipe of making a vegetable omelette. Ingredients 2 eggs onions chopped cherry tomatoes (Cut in half) cilantro cooking oil Cheddar cheese (grated) salt and pepper Chopped fresh chili (optional)

Champagne & Chocolate

This daring pairing brings absolute havoc.This sound like a brilliant idea right?How romantic!how decadent!how divine,are you starting to get ideas!Now…stop right there,come back to reality!Here is a simple procedure of how you can achieve the same results. Ingredients Fresh strawberries White chocolate (Melted) Dark chocolate (Melted) Champagne (try the finest) Procedure 1. Dip the strawberries … [Read more…]

Caramelized Pineapple

Who would ever have guessed you can use red chili and cilantro in a dessert,well here is a simple creative dessert that uses the two items as ingredients. Ingredients Chocolate cake ( for crumble) Strawberry ice cream/Sorbet 1 Pineapple fruit 50 grams sugar 1 bunch cilantro 2 pcs red chili

Southern Fried Chicken with Corn

Fried chicken pieces on born with a crispy coating,the coating is usually flavored flour which gives an appealing flavor on the crust of the fried chicken.Try out my simple recipe and i believe you will like it. Ingredients Whole chicken cut in to pieces 200 grams all purpose flour Salt and black pepper 2 Eggs … [Read more…]

Kitchen & Party

One of a kind red carpet fine dining dinner event with the aim of promoting Kenyan cuisine.This got me to create a menu that will feature our local ingredients. For the starter, i had smoked chicken open tart as a cold starter and plantain fitters from kisii bananas for the hot starter.Elegantly presented to mark … [Read more…]

Grilled Lamb Chops

Had to share this amazing recipe for mouth watering grilled lamb chops that you guys should try it out. Ingredients 250 grams Lamb chops 15 ml light soy sauce 30 ml cooking oil Fresh rosemary herbs salt and pepper 1 table spoon lemon juice 1 table spoon garlic and ginger paste Procedure 1.Put all the … [Read more…]

Grilled Pork Chops

One of the most ideal item no to miss for you barbecue grill.You can never go wrong with this recepe once you have the right marinade and barbecue sauce.Just had to repost this recipe again. Pork Chop Marinade Ingredients Soy sauce Chopped garlic Chopped ginger Sage (herbs) Cooking oil Salt and crashed black pepper Lemon … [Read more…]

Roasted Sweet Potatoes Wedges

Another epic,simple and among the favorite recipes i will always adore.Thought to share this amazing,simple recipe so that try it out. Ingredients Medium sized Sweet potatoes(Cut in wedges) Fresh assorted Herbs (Thyme.Parsley,Rosemary) Paprika Salt and pepper Olive or Cooking oil Procedure 1.Wash and remove all the soil from the medium sized sweet potatoes,cut in to … [Read more…]

Chicken & Mushroon Panini

One of my favorite sandwich.Chicken and mushroom panini is always the right choice.Below are quick and easy steps of how to achieve similar results. Ingredients 2pcs mini baguette/panini bread 100 grams button mushrooms (sliced) 100 grams chicken breast (small cubes) 1 clove chopped garlic 10 grams chopped onion Salt and pepper 1 tea spoon butter … [Read more…]

Kenyan Chicken Stew

Chicken is one of the most popular food in kenya.Here is simple modern recipe of how to prepare mouth watering chicken stew with corn. Ingredients 1 whole capon/free range chicken 4 large tomatoes 2 table spoons tomato paste Onions (finely chopped) Garlic (finely chopped) Salt and pepper Pinch (sugar) 1 bunch Cilantro Cooking oil 2 … [Read more…]