BBQ Chicken Wings

Chicken wings one of the sweetest parts of the chicken when cooked well and is readily and easily available at a reasonable and pocket friendly price. Try out my simple and easy to make recipe of the wings and share the feedback and images. INGREDIENTS Chicken wings Tomato ketchup Chopped onions Chopped garlic Chopped green … [Read more…]

Beef Avocado Salad

Avocados are readily available and has a high nutritional value in terms of natural fatty acids,fibers and lowers cholesterol.We will be learning how to make a simple avocado and probably left over beef salad with easily available ingredients.We will m factor all the nutritive values by in-cooperating fruits,proteins and fibers.Here is Step to step of … [Read more…]

Chicken Periperi Pizza

Hello guys!Due to the high demand,i will be sharing with you a simple and easy way of how you can prepare home made pizza at the comfort of your own home using readily available raw materials from the beginning.With the ingredients i have.this is the final product.Try this out and share your link below! Ingredients … [Read more…]

berbacue pork chops

Pork Chop Marinade Ingredients Soy sauce Chopped garlic Chopped ginger Sage (herbs) Cooking oil Salt and crashed black pepper Lemon juice Barbecue sauce Ingredients Onions (chopped) Garlic (chopped) Ginger (chopped) Ketchup Tomato past Salt and pepper Mustard Honey Paprika Lyonnaise potatoes Ingredients 4 pieces medium sized potatoes Onions ( shredded ) Garlic (Chopped) Chopped parsley … [Read more…]